All aboard: New employee checklist for real estate employers

All aboard: New employee checklist for real estate employers

Successful recruitment takes time and effort. As an employer, you need to ensure your new employee is properly introduced to their role and your business. Here's your new employee checklist.



1. When considering an offer of employment, ensure you have seen the following documents from the candidate:

For employees:

  • Certificate of Registration or Real Estate Licence
  • continuing professional development or equivalent training
  • passport or birth certificate
  • driver’s licence
  • motor vehicle registration and insurance

For commission- only salespeople:

  • pay slips, commission statements and/ or payment summaries (to ensure they meet the Minimum Income Threshold Amount)

You should also conduct a least one reference check with a previous employer.


2. Call the candidate to extend the offer of employment.

It’s important to inform them that they’ll need to sign and return a copy of their employment agreement and commission structure (if applicable) to accept the offer of employment.

To extend the offer of employment in writing, attach a copy of each of the following:

  • Employment agreement
  • Commission structure (if applicable)
  • Job description
  • Fair Work Information Statement

TEMPLATES: You can download template employment agreements, commission structures and job descriptions from
the REEF People Management System.


3. If the candidate accepts the offer of employment, ask that they sign and return a copy of both their employment agreement and commission structure (if applicable). They should also provide copies of the documents set out at Step 1.

You should also confirm the start and finish time for their first day, what to wear, access to parking (if applicable), who will meet them at reception and who they will report to.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: You can electronically store documents signed by the employee in the REEF People Management System. Login and upload the documents to ensure easy access
in the future.


Start of employment

4. On the new employee’s first day, provide them with the following critical documents:

  • Agency policies and procedures
  • Tax File Number declaration
  • Superannuation choice form
  • All necessary items required for the role (including uniform, name • tag, security keys, entry codes). This should be recorded on their employee file banking details form.

The new employee should be advised where they can access a copy of the relevant modern award or enterprise agreement. This should be available in the workplace.

ACCESS TO FORMS: Find the above templates, documents and forms in the REEF People Management System. A Tax File Number declaration can
be obtained at or at most newsagents.


5. Ensure you comply with workplace health and safety requirements by:

  • Issuing the agency’s health and safety policy to the employee and ensuring you receive a signed document from the employee acknowledging receipt (to be stored on their employee file)
  • Instructing the employee how to report a hazard or incident in the workplace
  • Showing the employee the location of fire exits, fire equipment and any first aid facilities
  • Notifying the employee of the appointed first aid officer and the appropriate employee to ask for assistance in the case of emergency.


6. Where an employee is required to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) or equivalent training to maintain their Certificate
of Registration or Real Estate Licence, explain their obligations (including that the cost of such qualifications and CPD is an employee expense unless otherwise agreed).


7. Instruct the new employee about their duties and work expectations.

This will include confirmation of the Key Performance Indicators in their Position Description. It may also include providing the employee with a copy of a performance plan that should be met during their probationary period.

8. Set the following reminders:

  • Any agreed performance reviews within the probationary period
  • The end of the probationary period
  • The Minimum Employment Period (i.e. 12 months for businesses with less than 15 employees and six months for businesses with more than 15 employees).


9. Ensure you perform the following basic induction tasks with the employee, including:

  • Informing them of their start and finish times of work
  • Introducing them to other team members
  • Informing them of their first pay date and the frequency of pay thereafter
  • Showing them where various facilities are located
  • Explaining emergency procedures
  • Informing them of any reporting requirements (including who and how often).


10. Regularly check in with your new employee to make sure they understand what is expected of them, and offer any support or training needed.



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