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Real Estate Industry Award

REEF CEO Bryan Wilcox and Membership Services Director Greg Paterson discuss recent changes to the Real Estate Industry Award, including:

  • PART 1 – An overview of the changes
  • PART 2 – Classification structure and wage rates
  • PART 3 – Commission-only employment
  • PART 4 – Miscellaneous changes (including allowances and post-employment commission entitlements)

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Understanding the National Employment Standards

Our team of Workplace Relations Advisors explain what real estate employers need to know about the NES, including:

  • PART 1 – An overview of the NES
  • PART 2 – Maximum weekly hours
  • PART 3 – Annual leave
  • PART 4 – Parental leave
  • PART 5 – Personal/carer's leave and compassionate leave
  • PART 6 – Community service leave
  • PART 7 – Flexible working arrangements
  • PART 8 – Public holidays
  • PART 9 – Termination of employment

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Miscellaneous videos

The REEF team talk to experts about a range of topics of relevance to real estate employers, including:

  • Awards applying to real estate practice
  • Independent contractors in the real estate industry
  • Managing staff performance and conduct
  • Post-employment restraints and protecting confidential information
  • Record keeping and pay slips
  • Superannuation obligations for real estate employers

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