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REEF runs regular webinars, giving you access to live and interactive training without having to leave the office.

All our webinars are recorded, so even if you miss one you can still watch it later whenever you're able to. Click on the viewers below to watch any of the webinars you've missed.

Bullying and harrassment

There is no doubt that claims relating to workplace bullying and/or harrassment are on the rise. This webinar examines what constitutes bullying and the steps that agency owners should be taking to limit the possibility of a claim. It also looks at how to respond to claims, including conducting a workplace investigation.

Recorded 13 September 2016

National Employment Standards

The Fair Work Act 2010 introduced of a set of minimum employment arrangements called the National Employment Standards (NES), which apply to all workers in all industries. This webinar explains the application of each of the 10 NES, with an emphasis on those standards causing the most concern for the business community.

Recorded on 11 August 2016

Commission-only employment

This webinar assists agencies to get it right when setting up and managing commission-only employment arrangements. It examines the qualifications that must be satisfied for a real estate salesperson to be engaged on a commission-only basis, as well as the benefits of this type of employment.

Recorded on 19 July 2016

Workplace health and safety

This webinar looks at an employer's obligations under workplace health and safety legislation, including responsibilities and requirements, techniques and tools for hazard identification, assessment of controls and determining appropriate consultation arrangements.

Recorded on 12 October 2016 

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